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    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 24 June, 2013.

    Archangel Michael Candle

    Price:  £23.00

    Michael brings illumination through courage and strength of ones self . Decoratively hand wrapped in Blue Organza and Silver ribbon. 30hrs clean burning.

    Michael brings invigorating energy, so that when the spirit speaks the body hears the message helping with cutting ties with the past. The divine oils used in this candle are Palmarosa which will float in the outer layers of the auric field enabling it to extend towards the angelic realm. Benzoin has a gentleness of heart in an untold knowing. Begamot opens the heart to cosmic joy and enligthenment. Grapefruit rouses us from spiritual slumber, energizing and invigorating the connection to mind, body, spirit.

    Affirmation: I stand in my own power with inner strength and courage.

    Lovely to burn to energise the throat chakra

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