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Anne Scholes - Annegelic BlissI am so excited at being able to bring you an array of bespoke candles, vibration mists, essential oils, cleansing bath salts, hand & body smoothers and soaps. I have spent many years working with people across the world on an Angelic, Mediumistic and Psychic vibration. It becomes very apparent that there are so many people who experience emotionally damaging situations. Life can present the the best and worst of situations which can leave us feeling bereft, numb or with an emotional dilemma. Emotions are a powerful reminder that we are alive, great when we are happy and surrounded by joy, laughter and success but when those emotions temporarily fade away, then in comes the grief, anger, resentment, guilt, loss and isolation.

This exclusive bespoke range brings you the highest quality of essential oils that have a deep and strong spiritual connection with our emotional well being. It is known in the spiritual world that the more we harbour negative emotions like fear and frustration ect the more likely it is to have an adverse effect on our physical body manifesting in lowered vibration [illness].

With this in mind you can now have your very own Annegelic Bliss products to use in your aura, home, car or any personal space to aid you to releasing anything that brings you down in order to restore you back to your natural state or keeping your sacred space protected from negativity. I believe we are living in an age more than ever where we recognise the importance of pure thoughts and pure products and that is exactly what Annegelic Bliss is all about.

I have had so much positive feedback about these exclusive products that I just know you will love them too along with all the advantages they bring.
I know you will benefit and enjoy their healing qualities.

Simply.....Cherishing You and Others !

Anne Scholes.


A unique Annegelic Bliss Experience!

You now can have the experience in your own home! by booking an event or even Holistic Hen night!

Our aim is to offer you the chance to learn how to meditate by hosting a class with one of our experts in the privacy of your home, for an hour we will teach you how to connect with your Guardian Angel or Meet your spirit Guide other options available, relaxation, dream interpretation, seeing auras and colours!

Then give a talk on all of our exclusive products giving you the chance to sample and buy them, for more info contact us and we will be happy to give you more information.

You may even be interested in stocking this range or becoming an expert yourself, if so please contact us at the above address.

A special thank you to photographer Colin Mc Hugo, anyone wishing to use his services please contact us.